The Baddie Brunch Series, Inc. is a non-profit incorporated organization created to bridge Black women together one brunch at a time! We host brunches, happy hour mixers, and community service projects for over 250 Dallas young professional Baddies. Our mantra is to Celebrate, Collaborate, Slay, and Socialize.  Baddies channel their Black Girl Magic, using it to inspire one another!

CELEBRATE. Cheers! Let’s celebrate each other! Give a compliment and share your accomplishments with a fellow Baddie! It’s taboo to brag on yourself and sometimes feels uncomfortable to compliment a fellow slay-sister.  Not at the Baddie Brunch! DO IT!

COLLABORATE. Get to know your neighbor! Your network is your net worth, so let’s get to it!  Share your goals and help build a Baddies dream!

SLAY. We want to help you feel good and look great! Playing dress-up never goes out of style, but selecting a slay-worthy ensemble can be a tedious task. Let us help you by creating fun themes!

SOCIALIZE. Networking can be hard to do. Let’s overcome that awkward stage together with fun icebreakers and thought-provoking Hot Topics!

The Baddie Brunch Series, Inc. is an incredible display of female empowerment through conversation, education and service. Women come together, engage in conversation and leave ready to take on the world through discussions on social justice, mentorship and personal development. Each Baddie Brunch installment develops the minds and hearts of professional, progressive women.


“Baddie Brunch is a safe-haven for the magical being that is the Black woman. Sharing testimonies, advice, dreams, and goals is so empowering. Each brunch serves a magical purpose. We can learn so much from one another over cocktails and transparent conversation.”


Creative Founder