Celebrate. Collaborate. Serve. Socialize.

“Being a Baddie exceeds the exterior. It’s who you are, how you serve, and what you build.” - Sydney Chandler, Founder

Who We Are.

The Baddie Brunch is an incorporated organization created to bridge Baddies together through brunches, mixers, and social soirees! Our goal is to Celebrate, Collaborate, Serve, and Socialize -using our magic to inspire each other and our communities!

The Baddie Brunch is an incredible display of female empowerment through conversation, education and service. Women come together, engage in conversation and leave ready to take on the world through discussions on social justice, community involvement and personal development. The Baddie Brunch develops the minds and hearts of professional, progressive women.

What is a Baddie?

A Baddie is a confident woman powering through profession and passion. She listens to her fellow slay-sisters’ dreams while working to conquer her own empire. She aims to turn passion into purpose and embodies Black Girl Magic! A Baddie aims to create a strong community, a better self and sustaining network. Most importantly, she knows how to have fun!

CELEBRATE. Cheers! We have so much to be thankful for. Be present. Be grateful. Be proud. Whether you see a fellow Baddie making strides or want to pat yourself on the back - let’s raise a glass to one another!

COLLABORATE. They say your network is your net worth, so let’s get to it! Every Baddie can contribute helpful tools to help build a Baddie’s dream. Through transparent conversation and sharing resources we can achieve so much! It takes a village.

SERVE. We are nothing without the communities that build us. Each Baddie is encouraged to learn more about the her surrounding inner-city communities and give back. She must share her gifts and help combat inequality with hopes of arming our communities with the tools to succeed.

SOCIALIZE. Let's face it...networking can be hard to do and making the first move can be stressful. Let’s overcome that awkward stage together with interactive icebreakers and thought-provoking Baddie topics. From work woes to childhood memories, hair tips to dating realities, we cover it all!

Upcoming Events!

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